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Swiss Precision Formula

We created Gobi Gold Daily Balancer®, a precise formula of supreme quality ingredients, that uses cutting-edge technology in a synthesis that the body can actually utilize, just with one capsule a day.
How did we achieve this?

The gift that keeps
on giving

Take a closer look inside our breakthrough balancer formula…

PRT Beads

Precision Release Technology Nutrient Beads

Designed to release active ingredients at a predetermined rate, ensuring maximum efficacy.

Precision release technology pellets of vitamins and minerals accurately deliver the active ingredients to the small intestine, achieving better tolerability and maximum absorption.

Incorporating this technology in the Gobi Gold Daily Balancer® formula, enabled us to simplify dosing and decrease the number of required daily doses, so we could combine all the essential nutrients in one capsule, safe for long-term use.

Golden Omega

Supreme purity Omega Fish Oil. Carefully Distilled for Ultimate Absorption.

Gobi Gold Daily Balancer® is made with one of the world’s freshest and purest Omega Fish Oil concentrates that deliver 100% of your daily omega-3 needs in just one capsule. Sustainably sourced from 100% wild-caught South Pacific anchovies.

Golden Omega®’s state-of-the-art production facility is strategically located in Arica, the northern- most city in Chile, on the border with Peru. This is in the middle of the richest and purest fishing ground for anchovy in the world, in the South Pacific Ocean.

This key advantage allows Golden Omega® to have access to high quality raw material and produce omega fish oil of ultimate purity and freshness.

Fusion Technology

Enhanced delivery & effectiveness

A major leap in liquid-filled capsules.

Gobi Gold Daily Balancer® is manufactured under Swiss standards securing that all the essential elements are delivered with full integrity and with maximum effectiveness.

Gobi Gold Daily Balancer® capsules are hermetically sealed using fusion technology to form a leak-proof, perfectly airtight, one-piece capsule. Highly impermeable to atmospheric moisture and oxygen, provides a high level of protection from degradation of sensitive compounds, reassuring high nutrient protection for outstanding product integrity and ultimate freshness.

Fusion Technology is a registered trademark of Lonza Group AG.

Ocean Caps

100% fish gelatin capsules.

Natural shield for the purest ingredients.

Ocean Caps® are made entirely from renewable sources.

Nutrients co-exist in a clear and transparent environment, 100% naturally surrounded.

No plasticizers. No preservatives. No taste. No odor.

We are certified

Accredited and approved


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