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One Capsule, Multiple Benefits
Feel the Effects of the Best Multivitamin for Nutrient Balance.



Cells – Emerging scientific data from the aging research sector, reveals the importance of cellular and molecular processes in our body as the hallmarks of aging. Advances in this scientific field have shown the possible mechanisms related to our cells health, which seem to decline as we age while presenting a strong connection with the aging process.



In the last decade only, there has been a 13% rise in brain health conditions according to World Health Organization (WHO), and approximately one in ten people globally is living with a mental health disorder. There are several aspects that can have an influence on our brain and mental health, such as our social life, the physical and economic environment we live in and many other psychological factors that are closely related to our mood. Research has also linked nutrition with our mental health as specific nutrients can have a great impact on our brains. 



Omega-3 fatty acids are essential fats our body cannot make from scratch, so we must get them from our diet. Fish oil and omega 3 fatty acids are linked with heart health benefits and extensive studies have shown that the consumption of omega 3s is associated with improved heart health.



Providing your body with essential nutrients that play a vital role in different metabolic pathways, helps transform the food you eat into energy that your cells can use to peak perform every day.  Achieving a balanced diet is thought to increase energy by enhancing your body’s resilience to physical and mental stress. Stamina and vitality are optimized throughout the day.



Maintaining a balanced diet supports vision and visual cycle eye health. Supplying your body with essential fats, naturally found in high amounts in your visual system, are key for a healthy vision. A healthy nutrition incorporating a number of powerful antioxidants and key micronutrients act synergistically to support eye health and reduce numerous risks of eye diseases, as we age.



A healthy diet including powerful antioxidants can protect your skin from free radicals due to ageing and various metabolic processes. Micronutrients delivered to the body through a balanced diet are essential for collagen formation, a major component of your skin.

Making sure you obtain a balanced and varied diet thus getting enough fatty acids, vitamins and minerals can help you achieve optimum skin health, maintain the strength and integrity of your skin and protect it against damage from free radicals and inflammation.


Immune System

Your immune system consists of complex processes, and chemicals that work constantly to defend your body against invading pathogens, viruses, and toxins. A nutritious diet can help improve your immune response and potentially protect against the increased risk of illness. A balanced diet supports the immune system function and enhances the body’s response through the elimination of foreign substances and antioxidant activity.

Start a healthier
life today

What’s in
your daily balancer?

One capsule
12 essential vitamins
key minerals
supreme purity omega-3

NutrientsDose per capsule*Daily % per capsuleGood for
Omega 3DHA 211mg, EPA 42mgNRV not establishedheart health mental wellness vision support immune-shield
Vit A400μg -RE50%immune-shield skin protection vision support
Vit B10.55mg50%energy gain heart health
Vit B20.7mg50%energy gain skin protection vision support
Vit B60.7mg50%mental wellness
Vit C30mg38%energy gain mental wellness immune-shield
Vit D2.5μg50%immune-shield
Vit E6mg α-ΤΕ50%cellular regeneration
Vit K220μg27%cellular regeneration immune-shield
Biotin25μg50%energy gain skin protection
Chromium20μg50%energy gain
Folic acid100μg50%mental wellness energy gain
Pantothenic acid3mg50%energy gain
Selenium20μg36%skin protection immune-shield mental wellness
Iron4.5mg32%energy gain mental wellness immune-shield
Niacin4mg-NE25%cellular regeneration skin protection
Zinc2.5mg25%cellular regeneration skin protection immune-shield
Manganese0.5mg25%cellular regeneration energy gain
Copper0.25mg25%cellular regeneration
Capsule100% fish gelatin
Adults-*Men and Women – Daily Nutrient Reference Values (NRV) according to EU regulation No 1169/2011
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