Here at Gobi Gold, we value the 0123 way of life. These are all the daily habits needed within your lifestyle to adopt a healthier lifestyle. By following these simple, yet essential, habits, you can improve your way of life and feel happier and healthier. We know that the best way to enhance your health is to make it into easily achievable steps.

✔️ 0 Refined Sugars
The consumption of refined sugars can have a negative effect on your body. These sugars make your insulin and blood sugars levels spike, as the body breaks them down quickly and distributes them into the bloodstream. This causes lethargic behaviour and hunger as the refined sugars digest so quickly that there is no feeling of fullness. Moreover, excessive consumption of refined sugars increases the risk of type 2 diabetes, depression, dementia, and certain types of cancer.

The best way to reduce refined sugars within your diet is to incorporate a variety of low Glycemic Index foods. This will steady blood sugar levels and ensure you feel full, absorb nutrients, and have lots of energy. This is the best practice to avoid problems later in life including heart problems, obesity, and type 2 diabetes.

✔️ Low GI foods to add to your diet 

    • Green vegetables
    • Raw carrots
    • Beans
    • Chickpeas
    • Lentils
    • Bran based cereals

1 Gobi Gold Daily Balancer
By taking 1 Daily Balancer per day, you will receive 12 essential vitamins, 6 key minerals, and Omega-3 fatty acids. These are all of the necessary nutrients to maintain good health and enable your body to function correctly without deficiencies. By using a multi-vitamin subscription, you can have your daily needs delivered freshly to your door. The benefits of our Daily Balancer include –

    • Nutrient balance
    • Cellular regeneration
    • Mental wellness
    • Heart health
    • Energy gain
    • Vision support
    • Skin protection
    • Immune shield

✔️ 2 Litres of Water
We suggest drinking at least 2 litres of water per day to contribute to good health. By increasing your water intake, you will effectively hydrate your body and help maintain kidney health. Water has also been suggested to help with weight loss, especially prior to meals as it makes you feel fuller. Find below some key benefits of staying hydrated daily – 

    • Regulate body temperature
    • Lubricate joints
    • Infection prevention
    • Organ function
    • Sleep quality

✔️ 30 Minutes Walk
Our final step towards living a healthier life, is doing 30 minutes of exercise/walking per day. Daily exercise has many great health benefits for both body and mind.

    • Control your weight
    • Reduced risk of heart disease
    • Manage blood sugars
    • Can help quit smoking
    • Improve age and mental health
    • Improve muscle strength
    • Strengthen the cardiovascular system

By following these 3 steps alongside taking a Gobi Gold Daily balancer, you can kickstart your journey to great health. Subscribe to our vitamin subscription here!

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