When you first start taking a multivitamin, more specifically our Daily Balancer, your body will begin to achieve nutrient balance when combined with a healthy diet and lifestyle. This affects your body in different ways the longer that you choose to adopt the lifestyle. The real question is, how do multivitamins really work in the body?


Take a look at exactly how our daily balancer targets each area of your body over time, to reach nutrient balance and improved health.


First, you take your Daily Balancer alongside a healthy diet and lifestyle – 

20 minutes – After this period of time, the daily balancer works at restoring gut health. This targets the ratio of good to bad bacteria in your gut and helps to reduce the effects of diseases such as IBD, diabetes, and metabolic syndrome.

8 hours – The connection between the mind and gut will now allow the mood to be improved and aid in cognitive function.

24 hours – Any cravings will subside and allow you to adopt healthy habits and lifestyle.

7 days – Your body will feel more stable. You will have fewer energy slumps throughout the day and you will find it easier to maintain a positive mood.

14 days – By eating a balanced diet and including exercise in your lifestyle, you will be overall more productive as energy, focus, and mental clarity will increase.

14+ days – Blood sugar levels will stabilize and insulin sensitivity will improve due to a higher nutrient diet.

21 days – Sleep patterns will improve as the body is receiving higher levels of nutrients at specific meal times. You will also notice your overall wellbeing and mentality improving.

30 days – This is where you start to see noticeable changes. The immune system will be stronger with less of a risk of developing chronic disease. There will also be significant improvements in the skin that will appear clearer and more radiant. A significant benefit to most is that the metabolism will increase, therefore improving weight loss.

6 weeks – Hormone levels will balance as the thyroid and estrogen levels normalize, therefore decreasing mood swings

6 months – Now longer-term effects are becoming present, bone health will improve due to the calcium and vitamin D. You will also see lower blood pressure which decreases your risk of heart disease and stroke.

1 year – Balanced nutrition plays a key role in mental wellbeing. This means that you will feel happier and have higher energy levels.

6 years – After 6 years, there will be reduced signs of ageing. Optimal nutrition helps to promote healthy cellular ageing.

If you want to see these changes in your physical and mental well-being, subscribe to our Gobi Gold Daily Balancer vitamin subscription to aid your journey to nutrient balance.

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